Songstresses from the Edge

Songstresses from the Edge is a brand new project brought to you by Scarlet Tree PerformancesJody Redhage, Kamala Sankaram and I will soon be performing our songs at a venue near you!  Our world premier will be happening on August 29, 2009 at the First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn.  We’ve just started booking shows on the west coast where we’ll be performing in October and November.  I’m really excited about this project and particularly looking forward to my first tour!  That’s right, I can’t wait for long hours in the car with a leg cramp and hunger pangs and all those sleepless nights in crappy hotel rooms.  Ok, to be honest we know people in all the cities we’ll be visiting so probably won’t be staying in crappy hotel rooms.  And I love road trips so can handle the leg cramps.  But hunger pangs – no way!  We will be stopping at Carl Junior’s for burgers and fries.  In case you were worried about missing out on the details of our west coast tour…don’t be!  Jody, Kamala and I will be writing all about it at the Scarlet Tree Blog.